WV Hilltop Puppies

Raised and Placed With Love in Beautiful West Virginia

Nestled in the countryside of beautiful West Virginia, we strive to raise loving, healthy, puppies to become part of your family - for the rest of their lives. 

Our Available Breeds

Cairn Terriers

Scottish Terriers



At WV Hilltop Puppies, our puppies are our first concern. We are responsible for their being in the world so we do our best to match them to loving forever homes. We do hope that if you are not already familiar with the breed of the puppy you are interested in, that you will research it before making a decision to add a pet to your family. All puppies are adorable, but after the puppy stage is over, you have a pet which either fits with your lifestyle or doesn't. And if it doesn't, the dog is the one who gets rehomed. 

Our puppies receive a 5-in-1 vaccination according to the manufacturer's directions, at 6, 9, and 12 weeks, depending on how long they are in our care.  A 5-in-1 (DHPP) covers the core vaccinations of (distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza, and parvovirus)  Puppies can leave Mama at 8 weeks of age unless we determine that for some reason they need to stay with her longer. They come with CKC registration, shot record, a couple toys, and a big piece of our hearts.

We love our pet parents. We hope that you keep in touch and share updates with us. We have dedicated Facebook pages for our Cairn and Scottie pet parents. Maybe we will see you there one day!

Best Regards,  

Linda in WV